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XXlerator Carnaval – 1st of March 2014 – Matrixx – Trailer

Are you ready for the craziest night of the year?

It’s time for: XXlerator Carnaval!

On Saturday the 1st of March, we go completely insane in Club Matrixx, as we celebrate the start of Carnaval in Holland.

Tickets for XXlerator Carnaval are available at:

Dress up!
Get your craziest outfit ready! The mystery judges will check out all outfits and will select 5 winners! They will all win 2 tickets for XXlerator Outdoor on the 10th of May.
Check for the line-up and info.

– Coone live (Global Dedication Showcase)
– Donkey Rollers live (remember last year?)
– B-Front (Mister Brabant)
– Deepack (Madness guaranteed)
– Radical Redemption (We never said Carnaval isn’t hard!)
– Panic vs DJ Kasparov (crazy combi!)
– Adrenalize (He’ll never know what’s going on!)
– Waverider
– Devon K.
– MC Nolz