Rebirth Festival Interview – Deepack

To start the warm-up to Rebirth Festival 2013, we’ll be taking the opportunity to talk to a few artists performing at this upcoming edition. Alongside an interview, these artists will also be doing a warm-up mix, which you can expect to see uploaded to SoundCloud a few days after we upload each interview. It’s time to start looking forward to the 27th of April!

Hi Marcel/Frank! How are you both?
Hey! We’re both doing fine, thanks!

Tell us, what have youbeen getting up to throughout winter?
Last winter we a started new record label together with DJ Coone called ‘Anarchy’, and it’s a sub-label of Dirty Workz. We’ve also been busy performing and have gained some great party memories!

Rebirth Festival is really close, only a few days away. Are you guys looking forward to it?
Hell yeah, for us it’s also the kick-off of the festival season, so we can’t wait to play there again!

What’s going to set your performance apart from everyone else? Can we expect any new tracks or surprises?
We’ve got some new fresh tunes! Also, the first time we played at Rebirth Festival, the organizers had a surprise for us and asked if we could dress up as the easter bunny for the show… so we’re very curious what they have in store for us this Saturday!

Are you working with any other producers at the moment?
There are a few cool collabs coming up and we’ve just finished a project together with MC DL and Phuture Noize. The track we did will be featuring on their upcoming album, which is due to be released in June. We’ll play it this Saturday for you, so make sure you catch us on stage!

Who are some of your favorite up and coming artists of the past year?
All the former artists of Hardcopy, they have made so much progress since we’ve known them. Some of them are also on the Anarchy label now.

What’s in store for the summer? Any cool plans you can tell us about?
We have some studio projects planned, and there are a lot of really cool festivals coming up this summer, we are even hosting a stage at Sunrise Festival, which will have it’s first edition this year! There are also plans to do even more stuff with Anarchy and the crew.

Hardstyle is growing massively these days. Where do you see yourselves and the genre in the next few years?
The genre will still develop, and we will still be a part of it, and of course we will be working with upcoming and experienced artists.

Do you have any tips for aspiring producers and DJs?
Just do what you like to do and don’t be afraid to experiment with the music or even try totally different styles.

We’re looking for theultimate top 10 summer tracks, what would yours be? (Released or unreleased)
We’ve got some personal favorite tracks at this moment, but it’s hardto say…as a matter of fact, lots of producers are working hard on the perfect track for festivals and stuff. So let’s see what this summer will bring!

Thanks for your timeguys! We can’t wait for this weekend! Any words for the attendees of RebirthFestival on the 27th of April?
We hope you all have a great time and enjoy Rebirth to the fullest!