Rebirth Festival 2013 Atmozfears interview!

To start the warm-up to Rebirth Festival 2013, we’ll be taking the opportunity to talk to a few artists performing at this upcoming edition. Alongside an interview, these artists will also be doing a warm-up mix, which you can expect to see uploaded to SoundCloud a few days after we upload each interview. It’s time to startlooking forward to the 27th of April.

Hi Tim/Kevin!How are you guys?
We are doing great, thanks!

So what have you both been up to recently? Didn’t one of you (Kevin) recently move to the Netherlands?
We have both been very busy lately! Tim just recently moved into a new studio and I just moved from Vancouver to the Netherlands! It’s been a hectic past month but we are very excited for the upcoming festival season!

Your debut performance at Rebirth Festival is only a few weeks away, what do you know about the festival so far?
We have seen many videos from previous years and it looks like it’s a great party with a positive vibe! Also one of our favorite anthems is the Rebirth Anthem from Alpha²!

Do you have any special plans for your set?
Yes we are doing a live act so we will have a lot of new tracks that we will play for the first time and of course some new live edits!

In your experience, what would you say are the most important things to consider when opening the festival season and playing to a fresh crowd?
We feel its important to kick off the festival season with a powerful energetic performance and play music that people will connect with and excite them forall of the amazing parties that will happen this year!

Let’s talk a little more about your music. What are you both working on at the moment?
We have a lot of new tracks! Recently we finished a remix for Wildstylez – DelayDistortion, which we played for the first time at Knock Out! We also have finished a couple collabs including a collab with S-Dee, and 3 tracks with a talented new Dutch duo called Audiotricz. We are also currently working on acollab with Code Black, Toneshifterz and also one with E-Force!

Experimenting with other genres is a bit of a ‘hot topic’ these days. What are your views on it?
We love it! Everything that we do we try to keep it a couple steps ahead of what’s going on now. The music is always evolving and changing. We like to experiment with incorporating aspects of other genres into the music as it keeps the music fresh and innovating. Whether it’s referencing with the sound design from an electro house track or the atmosphere of a jazzy track. It’s important not to be boxed into a specific style or sound and we feel that we are very versatile with that in our music.

Who would you say are the most inspirational artists we have in hardstyle at the moment?
Withouta doubt it has to be Code Black, Noisecontrollers & Wildstylez. We are always impressed by what they create; from the overall quality to the innovation in the music.

Are there any other artists on the Rebirth Festival line-up you’re looking forward to seeing?
The whole lineup is great! Always a fan of seeing DJ Isaac live and also looking forward to seeing Code Black!

What have you both got planned for the upcoming summer?
We plan to make a lot of music and play at a lot of great parties! Lets hope the sun will join us. 😉

Can you tell us your top 10 tracks for this summer? (Released or unreleased)
Difficultto say but as of right now.

1. Wildstylez – Delay Distortion (Atmozfears Remix)
2. Code Black & Atmozfears – TBA
3. Atmozfears & Audiotricz – This Is The Time
4.Atmozfears & Audiotricz – Dance No More
5. Atmozfears & S-Dee – Our Escape
6. Noisecontrollers – Feel So Good
7. Atmozfears & Audiotricz – Slowmo
8. Atmozfears – Bella Nova
9. Atmozfears – Restart
10. Atmozfears – Up Top

You can purchase and download most of these tracks when they are released at !

Thanks for your time guys. We can’t wait to see you take to the stage on April 27th! Any final words for the partygoers?
See you all on the 27th of April for Atmozfears Live!