Loudness interview: MC Shizzler

Read an interview with Loudness host MC Shizzler here:

Q: Who is MC Shizzler?
A: My name is Sjors, aka MC Shizzler, I’m 28 years old and I was born in Deventer.

Q: What label are you signed to and what’s your style?
A: I’m signed to The Magic Show and my style is Hardstyle and Raw Hardstyle.

Q: It’s not your first time to perform at Loudness, how do you feel about that?
A: This is the second time at Loudness. My first experience was amazing! I think it’s awesome I get to host an area again. The atmosphere, music and public all come together at Loudness.

Q: What do you expect of Loudness in ‘Klokgebouw’ Eindhoven?
A: I expect for the roof to come down! ‘Klokgebouw’ is a nice location. It’s unique, with an industrial atmosphere, just perfect for the ultimate night of Raw Hardstyle beats. This is definitely the event for the die hard lovers.

Q: What do you think of b2s giving new talents a chance to perform at an event like Loudness?
A: I totally support this! These guys have to prove themselves extra hard, because it’s so difficult to come between established artists. The most likely thing about it is that they will bring some new sounds with them, you have never heard of.

Q: Do you prepare yourself for Loudness?
A: As a preparation for Loudness I want to be sure with what kind of artists and style I’m dealing with. With most of the artist I got great contact, so I already now what they’re up to. Further, as a MC, I will not have a specific preparation. I just go with the flow.

Q: Can we expect something special from you?
A: I find it very important to announce the artist so people remember who they are. I try to watch and sense the public. However, it’s going to be a special night.

Q: Which track would you really love to hear that night?
A: One track I really like to hear is a track from Italy. Kronos and Activator really made a floorkiller together with ‘Satana’. It’s a heavy track to go completely out of your mind. I also hope to hear the new track of The Geminizers named ‘Out of Control’, of course it will be played by themselves.

Q: Finally, some last words you’d like to shout out?
Loudness: raw, hard, industrial atmosphere, really an event for the diehards of the hardest from the harder styles. If you are loud, join us at Loudness!