Loudness interview: DJ Adaro

Read an interview with Loudness artist Adaro here:

Q: Who is the man behind Adaro?
A: I’m Thijs, 32 years old and I’m from Schaijk, the Netherlands.

Q: Which record label are you signed to and what is your style?
A: A² Records. I describe my style as the harder side of Hardstyle.

Q: How do you feel about playing at Loudness, even after so many times?
A: At Loudness I feel at home. I have been playing there several times before and it always is great to be there!

Q: What do you expect of Loudness in ‘Klokgebouw’ in Eindhoven?
A: Personally I think ‘Klokgebouw’ is one of the most robust locations in the Netherlands. Back in the days, I went there to visit techno events, the ambient also fits perfect to a concept like Loudness. Dark, industrial, mature and a loud and perfect sound. Last year Loudness in ‘Klokgebouw’ was one of my highlights of that year.

Q: What do you think of b2s offering a stage at new and upcoming talents?
A: It’s a common good. You will see new hard talents playing there for the very first time. b2s knows how to find them and got a great ears for new talents from the Netherlands as well talents abroad, and I can appreciate that. It’s a good indication that Loudness is an event for the diehards.

Q: How do you prepare yourself?
A: I take a good look at the line up and make some phone calls here and there to my colleges to prevent double tracks. I will also look up some older tracks to play.

Q: Which tracks are you certainly going to play?
A: I always get a lot of requests to play ‘The Italian Tribute’ sometime at Loudness en I will also play ‘The cycle’ at many requests. People also request Josh & Weszs ‘Mind Game’ featuring D-Clear a lot, because they think that it has been played very little at big parties and sound systems. I really support that track in any case and also on Loudness of course, I think it’s a hell of a track!

Q: Which track would you like to hear and must be played by whom?
A: I hope B-Front will play ‘Neophobia’ at Loudness, I think it’s still the bomb!

Q: Can we expect some exclusive surprises during your set at Loudness?
A: It’s very busy in the studio right now, so yes, there will definitely be something new to listen to!

Q: At least, Loudness…
A: If you want to experience how the harder Hardstyle sounds and feels like, be there in ‘Klokgebouw’! Check the line up, you will discover some new things. I’m very excited, see you there!

More information about Loudness can be read at http://www.b2s.nl/loudness. Tickets can be bought at http://loudness.tickets.b2s.nl/