Loudness 2013 interview: The Gemenizers

Read an interview with upcoming Loudness artists ‘The Geminizers’ here:

Q: Tell us something about the men behind The Geminizers.
A: We are Mark Thoonen (27) and Joost van der Velden (28) and we’re from Lieshout, the Netherlands.

Q: What is your label and style?
A: We recently signed to The Magic Show. Our style is energetic and hard.

Q: What do you think of playing at Loudness again?
A: We are really proud that b2s wants us to play at Loudness again! The previous edition was our first one, it was an unbelieveable experience to us; it was literally a dream that came true.

Q: What are your expectations of Loudness at ‘Klokgebouw’ Eindhoven?
A: We expect it to be overloaded with only the real Raw Hardstyle fans.

Q: What do you think of b2s offering new international talents the opportunity to play at Loudness?
A: Very good, because every talent should get the chance to prove themself. We think it’s cool that international talents get this chance in the Netherlands.

Q: How do you prepare for Loudness?
A: We consider very carefully about which tracks we’re going to play and we work hard on new tracks. There’s one new track coming up, which we definitely going to play at Loudness.

Q: Which track would you like to hear from another artist?
A: ‘Total Domination’ from the Donkey Rollers!

Q: Are you going to do some special things during your set?
A: We’re gonna make the crowd go completely out of their minds!

Q: Finally, do you want to say something about Loudness?
A: It’s a great concept for the real fan. Respect for Loudness!

More information about Loudness can be read at http://www.b2s.nl/loudness. Tickets can be bought at http://loudness.tickets.b2s.nl/