Loudness 2013 interview: Arboza & Asylum

Read an interview with upcoming Loudness artists Arboza & Asylum here:

Q: Who are Arboza & Asylum?
A: Our names are Mike Olde Kalter (23), living in Hengelo, The Netherlands and Delano Langedijk (24), living in Sijbekarspel, The Netherlands.

Q: Are you already signed? With what kind of style?
A: Yes, we signed to the well-known label: Sys-X Records. An accomplishment we are very proud of. Our tracks are mainly raw, accessible, and sometimes with a dark atmosphere.

Q: How do you feel about playing at Loudness?
A: For us it’s the first time at Loudness and we are very excited to be there. It’s definitely a big milestone in our young careers as artists.

Q: What are your expectations of this night?
A: We expect that this night will be epic and we both think we will never forget that day. We’ve heard great things about the location and the line-up is huge like always!

Q: What do you think of b2s is giving the opportunity to new talents to play at Loudness?
A: We think it’s very important that big organizations are also looking for talent nowadays. An event like Loudness is always very special, so it’s a huge boost for talents if they can show the crowd what they can do on such a big event. It’s a lot of work and knowing that your hard work pays off is a huge boost.

Q: How do you prepare for Loudness?
A: We are working on new tracks and some edits at the moment. Besides, recent releases we will also be playing some older tracks from various artists.

Q: Which tracks are you definitely going to play?
A: We don’t have specific tracks yet, since there are so many awesome tracks out there. We will definitely play our own material. We also think every raw set needs a Solutio & The I’s track!

Q: What would you like to hear by another artist that night?
A: We are both crazy about the new collaboration between B-Front and High Voltage. The drive, originality and power are from another planet and with a sort of industrial sound to it; it’s really something new and fresh! Of course that one should be played by B-Front!

Q: Are you going to do something special during your set?
A: Obviously, we will play new unreleased material, from ourselves, but also from other artists. We love sets with drive and a lot of energy, so you can expect that from us. We hope that everyone out there in the crowd is well rested and visits Loudness with maximum fitness.

Q: At least, some final words…
A: This is really an event you just can’t miss. On the 20th of April we are ready and we can’t wait to play our set. The line-up is epic once again, and we are very happy to be a part of that. Hopefully we’ll see everyone at the 20th of April at Klokgebouw, Eindhoven!

More information about Loudness can be read at http://www.b2s.nl/loudness. Tickets can be bought at http://loudness.tickets.b2s.nl/