Loudnes interview: Crypsis!

Read an interview with Loudness artist Crypsis here:

Q: Who is Crypsis?
A: I’m Grzegorz Luzynski, 28 years old and I live in Denekamp, The Netherlands.

Q: What label are you signed to and what’s your style?
A: I’m with Minus is More. I describe my style as: energetic, raw and progressive.

Q: How do you feel about playing at Loudness?
A: Super cool! I have been playing there before and every time it’s madness.

Q: What do you expect of this edition of Loudness in “Klokgebouw” Eindhoven?
A: I expect it to be fully loaded with a lot of die hard fans, who will get a great show by both visuals and above all sounds!

Q: There will be a lot of new (international) talents, what do you think of b2s doing that?
A: Great! In that way you can keep the scene alive and the level high.

Q: How do prepare for Loudness?
A: This time I will play live, so I’m very busy with preparing my set for Loudness. Selecting tracks, making edits, etc. This set is going to be fucking hard!

Q: Which track are you definitely going to play?
A: I think I will be playing ‘Torture’, that track is always creating chaos on the dancefloor with Raw Hardstyle lovers.

Q: Which other track would you like to hear by whom?
A: I really like to hear ‘Warmduscher – 10 Kleine Bassdrums’! Played by Adaro.

Q: Are you going to surprise us with something special during your live set?
A: I’m very busy practicing a double flip with split landing. If that is not special?! 😉

Q: At last, do you want something to say about Loudness?
A: It’s the hardest party of the year! Don’t miss it!

More information about Loudness can be read at http://www.b2s.nl/loudness. Tickets can be bought at http://loudness.tickets.b2s.nl/