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A decade ago the conquest for the Empire of Dance began.
The Caesars of Rome led their legions through the endless battles with the Chinese, Egyptians, Americans, Persians, Mayans & Incas, Indians and the Dutch. …
On the 31st of May 2014, Emporium is being given back to the people of Rome.
The realm shall be rebuilt and the rule of the Caesars will prevail once again in their palaces of gold and marble. Man, woman and child can now live a prosperous life in wealth, wisdom and happiness. The Senate will be reinstalled, games will be held and the crowd will roar once again like it did ten years ago.
Emporiumthe Roman Empire
On Saturday the 31st of May, Matrixx will celebrate the 10th anniversary of Emporium Festival.
Get your tickets at: http://bit.ly/EMP14-Tix

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